The Mice in the House


The mice embark on a path that brings them to a house, they enter the kitchen, knock down a plate of food, the cat wakes up, and the wife warns that there are intruders.

A simple text using chains and rhymes to turn its reading into a fun and stimulating game for the whole family. The end leaves the door open to other adventures starring these characters.


Interview of Oli and Natalia Colombo for Blog K.

The sky,
it doesn’t trick anyone,
it hugs the Earth,
above the mountain.

The mountain
with a very fine thread,
rising and falling,
draws the path…

The Mice of the House cover
The Mice of the House cover

Kalandraka, 2015
Illustrator: Natalia Colombo
Languages: Galician, Spanish, Basque, French and Chinese