Eleven Adventurous Ladies

Eleven traveling ladies who go around the world discovering its diversity

Using the structure and the characters of a tale of the Galician-Portuguese tradition, a modern story is born without rejecting the classical resources of the literature of oral transmission. It uses subtraction, going from eleven to ten to nine and all the way down to one, to make a game that favors the active role of those who listen or read, their anticipation, and stimulates curiosity about other places and cultures.

Included in the Plan Nacional de la lectura de la SEP (Mexico), in the selección del Ministerio de Educación (Argentina) 2014 and in the Plano Nacional de Leitura in Portugal.

Once damas atrevidas
camiñaron ata Fez;
unha perdeuse nos contos,
non quedaron máis que dez.

Portada Once damas atrevidas
Once damas atrevidas cover.

Kalandraka, 2001
Illustrator: Helle Thomassen
Languages: Galician, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan