The Tin-Legged Pirate

What could happen when a pirate looks for someone to fight but no one pays any attention to him? A humorous adventure with a character that has already become a classic.

Since the first edition, it has had uncountable reprints showing the relevance of this text, which after many years continues to excite thousands of readers in many languages. Written as a series of simple rhyming couplets, it details the adventure of an antihero, a pirate that no one pays attention to, but who is free and happy nevertheless..

This ferocious pirate,
They called him the Leg of Tin.
Unashamed and unblushing
He put a patch on his eye…

The Tin-Legged Pirate cover
The Tin-Legged Pirate cover

Kalandraka, 1998
Illustrator: Ramón Trigo
Languages: Galician, Portuguese, Spanish