Aníbal Wants to Shrink

Aníbal has an obsession: he wants to enter the depths of the earth to learn what it’s like from the inside and discover all the secrets it hides.
But to do that, he needs to be as small as a mouse.

"Aníbal Wants to Shrink" cover
Aníbal Wants to Shrinker cover

Xerais, 2001
Illustrator: Ramón Trigo
Languages: Galician

The absurd chain of situations that Aníbal lives through is told in language filled with irony and humor, a humor that ends up becoming the true protagonist of this fun book.

Ramón Trigo’s ink illustrations bring to life the comical universe and naivety of the character and the situations in which he finds himself.

“We see in this work by Oli, illustrated by Ramón Trigo, the obsession of a boy named Aníbal to shrink so that he can dig down into the earth and see what’s hidden inside. He tries many experiments, from putting himself in the washing machine to see if he shrinks, to going to a witch doctor, but these attempts fail, just like those that will come later. One of his last attempts involves giving up eating, but despite feeling sick and hopeless, he sees that he continues to grow without pause. Finally, when his mother cooks his favorite dish, he can’t resist eating, although he doesn’t stop taking advantage of every opportunity to put himself in different places or things out of his desire to be smaller. Some time later, this obsession will be left behind, substituted by the creation of a terrarium in which he observes the activity of the little animals, like the ants and worms that live inside the earth, recognizing that nothing can go against the reality of growing.”

Guía de libros, GALIX