The Mice at School

Ilustración de Ratos na escola.

There’s nowhere better to play pranks than the school. The mice can do exercise and, if they get tired, hold a concert, shatter the dishes, make a work of art with the pieces and one of the rats might even end up taking a bath in the paint. A train of pranks that is going to have a sudden end in the most peaceful place.

You can read Selina Otero’s interview in Faro Educa about The Mice at School: These stories are born from the filastroche.

When the mice go to school, anything can happen: a concert, shattered dishes turned into a work of art or even a rat taking a bath in paint. But in the library…

The Mice at School cover
The Mice at School cover

Kalandraka, 2021
Illustrator: Natalia Colombo
Languages : Spanish, Galician, Basque