Leocadio, the Lion

Leocadio nun barco
Leocadio is a lion but he’s not vulgar, and neither is his life.

Leocadio is a very cinematographic story. The environment that one experiences in certain moments of the tale evokes those black-and-white adventure films with a veil on the camera. Teresa Novoa read well this intent while illustrating the book. And of course, the character himself is a journey into the memories of the films that filled so many afternoons of my childhood. From Chaplin to Tarzan, The Lives of a Bengali Lancer or the boat chases of those films from the early 30s with the images flashing by at a strange speed. (Oli).

Nimble prose, accessible and appealing to the youngest of readers, but above all interesting, able to capture and maintain their attention, to involve them and get them to smile, while not forgetting how literature can help the development of boys and girls who read, and its importance in the creation of playful minds and critical awareness. It’s a way to learn in the form of a lovely work.

Paula Fernández, Faro de Vigo

Leocadio is a lion who doesn’t like to do what the other lions do. He’s scared when his sisters play by sticking their claws in each other. Rather than hunting zebras or antelopes, he likes to play with them.

Leocadio, the Lion cover
Leocadio, the Lion cover

Xerais, 2009
Illustrator: Teresa Novoa
Languages: Galician