Arthur was born from my experience with children, an incubator and several chicken eggs.
We observed the fragility of life in its first steps and I witnessed the surprise with which children see the act of birth.

It’s a book that reflects the tenderness and protective instinct that adult readers feel for the protagonist, defenseless before everything that surrounds him and at the start of a long learning process. The text, simple and highly sensitive, is accompanied by illustrations that stand out with thick, strong strokes against a white background, intense colors and simple shapes, so that even the smallest children are able to identify and understand them. (Publisher’s Description)

Arthur is a lovely book made from thick paper and geared toward the smallest of children, speaking to the feelings, fears and insecurities that newborns face. The text, simple and very beautiful, is accompanied by wonderful illustrations, of broad strokes and intense colors. The result: an extraordinary book for pre-readers and first readers.

El árbol rojo. Young reader magazine.


Arthur is uncomfortable inside his egg.

He’d grown so much that the room had gotten small.

He kicked with all his might but the walls were too hard…

Arthur cover
Arthur cover

Faktoría K de libros, 2011
Illustrator: Marc Taeger
Languages:  Galician, Portuguese, Spanish, Basque, Catalan, Italian, English and Korean