Iria and the Moon

Iria liked to feel the caress of the son at dusk. She was curious about the night and the light of the moon. Her grandfather would always speak about the moon, of how every day it would get smaller until it would disappear; he would speak of its light, of how it would start big behind the mountains and how it would get smaller as it rose into the ceiling of the night. Her grandfather also spoke of the dreams that live in the night, he spoke of small, transparent creatures that by day are behind the stars, and by night appear on the balcony of the moon.

It's a book full of tenderness for all types of readers to read, preferably, accompanied.


Iria and the Moon cover

Iria and the Moon cover

Title: Iria and the Moon
Author: Oli
Illustrator: Fino Loranzo
Publisher: Xerais
Year: 2003
Languages in which it has been published: Galician